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MegaDirect - Direct local number for each friend abroad

The simplest way to call abroad!

For each international contact, you get a unique direct local number. This number is permanent and you can store it in the address book on your phone. There are no setup or monthly fees.

To call your friend, simply dial the corresponding direct number from your phone registered at

You can use a mobile or landline phone. No computer or Internet connection required. No PIN codes. Just call the Direct Number and talk!

You get NOK 1,- to try out the service. Your credit does not expire and is easy to refill. You get rock-bottom calling rates with no extra fees.

To use MegaDirect, login to your Megakort account now!

 Call Rates 
Calling From Calling To Find best rates

1. Dialog World [NO]
2. MegaDirect Refill 100 [NO]
3. Sunrise [NO]
4. Masala [NO]

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