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Price: NOK 109.90
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Access numbers
Local Access: 21 51 08 19

Free Fixed Access: 800 58 359

Customer feedback
Loss of minutes: Never

Call quality: Good

Valid in: Norway

Valid for: 90 days after first use

Maintenance fee: 0.35 kr per day

Connection fee: 1 minute(s) per call

Billing interval: 1 minute(s)

Terms: Prices apply 24x7 to fixed phone. Billing per minute. Cards are non-refundable and prices are subject to change without prior notice. Extra charges may apply when calling to and from a mobile. We do not take responsability for difficulties experienced on the mobile network. Maintenance charge 0.35 NOK per day. Card expires 90 days after the first use.

Usage: 1. Dial the free access number
2. When prompted enter your PIN number
3. To place calls diall 00 + country code + telephone number

Support: 800 58 354

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